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DANTE J. WORTH is a courageous and sought-after Success Mentor, as well as a noted media personality, author, and executive producer of Audacious Believer TV. Most individuals and businesses struggle to attract ideal clients and elevate their brands. Dante uses a 360-degree communication approach to help his clients clarify their messages so their businesses can grow with ease.

Dante is the author of two books: “Free To Be Me: I Am Not My Issues” published in 2014. Within this book he shares an exploration of his life; peeling back the layers of mental and emotional abuse, and rejection. He shares his journey, recounting real-world situations that are his own but shared by many silent victims. “Turning Your Wounds Into Wisdom,” published in 2018, guides readers through some of his most vulnerable experiences. Today, Dante is consumed with helping others. He is the charismatic Executive Producer and moderator of the dynamic “Audacious Believer TV.” His other endeavors include conferences, one-on-one coaching, group coaching, and online training programs. 

Dante uses his voice and writing to intercede for those who may feel most marginalized in this world. He is well aware that life has its share of challenges; however, he believes it’s how one response to those obstacles that determine if life is lived in a defeated manner, or with victorious freedom. Through “Audacious Believer TV,” Dante humanizes community leaders from all walks of life. His YouTube channel focuses on drawing out the stories of the most influential citizens, not-for-profit leaders, government officials, first responders, athletes, business leaders, and others.


Dante lives, plays, and works in Upstate New York and on stages around the world. Dante is actively developing and providing one-on-one coaching, group coaching, and online training programs to help his clients level up in their life and business. As one of the most charismatic and authentic coaches of our time, Dante is committed to helping you live your best life.



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